Window cleaning canvassers in the UK and Ireland

Here at Elite Canvassing, we are a family run company with over 15 years industry experience. We specialise in door to door canvassing for window cleaners across the UK and Ireland. We are the only canvassing company that allow you to clean the work while we build your round for you. All work comes with a 4 clean investment guarantee and is all confirmed as solid, regular work. We are keen to work with you before, during and after your generation is complete to help secure a strong foundation for your hard work and desire to grow.

All of our canvassers have window cleaning experience.

To check availability in our diary, discuss your needs or just a general enquiry call 07398 271 669. We look forward to hearing from you.

Window Cleaning Canvassers

Window Cleaning Canvassing UK

Here at ELITE CANVASSING we are a small, family run business and have been helping fellow window cleaners across the midlands to expand their work load by door to door canvassing. Due to our high success rate we have now decided to cover the whole of the UK.

We strive in helping cleaners grow their business to a high quality standard by ensuring everything is done correctly from the start which is where we excel compared to other companies out there.

Professional Canvassers

Window Cleaning Canvassers UK

We don’t just give you the work and then disappear, we work alongside you every step of the way by staying in contact regularly with the cleaners and customers to ensure the work is kept and any issues are resolved immediately.

We find this is key to ensure a good working relationship is developed both with the customer and the cleaner, our aim is to supply cleaners with quality and reliable work.

We use a confirming technique where all work signed up at the door is then confirmed within the hour by one of our staff in the office. We also ensure everything is explained in depth to the customer so they know exactly what kind of service they are signing up for.

Canvassing Throughout The UK

Professional Window Cleaning Canvassers

The main points what we stress to the customer are:

  • the price given is for a REGULAR monthly clean and not just a one off
  • this is an all year round service
  • we reserve the right to clean in light to moderate rain

We also check the customer’s name, address and contact information are correct and any additional notes are included.

We are the only canvassing company that give an extra 20% of already CONFIRMED customers. This is an ample amount to cover any cancels what you may get within your 4 clean investment guarantee. We find using this method we have an extremely low cancelation rate of 5-10% after the 4 months ensuring that you have more work then what you have paid for after the 4 cleans are complete.

No Minimum Order

Professional Window Cleaning Canvassing

There’s no minimum order, so if you require a full round building, or a smaller amount to top up your existing rounds we can help.

To check availability in our diary, discuss your needs or just a general enquiry call 07398 271 669. We look forward to hearing from you.

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